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Make a gift to those who dream of throwing themselves into the middle of a wheat field, to those who can't wait to eat a “bruschetta” with new oil or to those who love stealing Cabernet Franc ripe grape berries.

Adopt an olive tree, a row of vines or a wheat field portion and during the purchase process you can click on the "gift" option. Specify the receiver of your gift, write a personalized message and that's it!

Hurry up to buy a green gift
BEGREENTELLIGENT Srl ha partecipato al Programma operativo regionale (POR) del Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale (Fesr) 2014-2020 con il progetto BEGREENTELLIGENT EXPERIENCE co-finanziato dal Microcredito e dal Bando "Sostegno alla creazione di start-up innovative"