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About us

Our names are Alessandra and Gianni, we are both from Tuscany and we have enjoyed creating a cheerful platform linked to the world of agriculture, thinking of those people who cannot always experience it personally. We welcome you to our clod… Do you like it? Lots of land, wheat, vineyards and olive trees. Here's where your journey as digital farmer will start.

Alessandra e Gianni


Help people to reconnect with nature. It’s so beautiful that we have decided to try

La nostra zolla

If you want to adopt a plant or a crop, we will tell you what happens in the fields: if it rains too much or too little, if an unexpected frost puts the shoots in difficulty or if the sun helps grapes and olives to ripen in the right point.

You will be digital farmers who will enjoy their product… only when it is ready!


That’s the reason why, together we will do something good for nature. BeGreentelligent has chosen to be CARBON NEUTRAL, neutralizing its CO2 emissions by participating in certified projects through the Italian Up2You. It means having a neutral impact on the planet and therefore producing zero net emissions in one year. Are you wondering if your purchases on BeGreentelligent will produce CO2? The answer is Yes, like any purchase on any platform or store.

Are you wondering if your emissions will also be offset? The answer is not obvious but it is still yes. Your adoptions will be zero impact.

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BEGREENTELLIGENT Srl ha partecipato al Programma operativo regionale (POR) del Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale (Fesr) 2014-2020 con il progetto BEGREENTELLIGENT EXPERIENCE co-finanziato dal Microcredito e dal Bando "Sostegno alla creazione di start-up innovative"