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The wheat

  • Adotta un campo

Adopt a wheat field

We offer different and ancient types of wheat. Our goal is to preserve tradition and healthy food coming directly from our past, from our grandparents’ agricultural world. We are committed to protecting what is good! We bring back to memory names like Senatore Cappelli, Verna, Timilia and , after the harvest, we’ll send you good pasta ready to cook or fantastic flour to make bread, biscuits, pizza or focaccia.

Adopting a small piece of land and looking after it during the seasons going by, through rain, wind or hot sun, will allow you to appreciate the taste of a good pasta dish even more.

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  • Wheat field GIANTO
  • Wheat field Il grano di Simo
  • Wheat field
  • Wheat field Grano di Natale
  • Wheat field Pasticca09
  • Wheat field Beppe
  • Wheat field Grano buono
  • Wheat field STEFANOLLA
  • Wheat field
  • Wheat field Tapi
  • Wheat field Ali&Gio
  • Wheat field Famiglia Casadio
  • Wheat field
  • Wheat field GranoAtt
  • Wheat field GranoAtt
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