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Here's the identity card of your plant!

Dolce Agogia Olive tree - You'll taste a different Extra Virgin Olive Oil

The following purchase includes:

  1. apposition of the chosen name on the selected Olive tree
  2. certificate of adoption in pdf format to print and deliver by hand or send to the person to whom the adoption is dedicated
  3. informative emails during the year in order to follow the tree’s changes due to time and seasons, along with photos showing from the first buds to the fruit
  4. three 0,5l bottles of Extra Virgin Olive Oil – monocultivar Dolce Agogia, at the end of the agricultural cycle
  5. Zero impact for the planet by producing zero net emissions in one year. Part of our revenues is invested to support and finance certified environmental protection projects that have the sole purpose of capturing CO2.

In this way you become a digital farmer, you’ll learn about the agricultural world and will get attached to the crop you follow. This will also help give a small contribution to the environment

Olive - Dolce Agogia
Casali del Toppello
Ripening period
Early ripening
A typical cultivar of Perugia area, on Trasimeno lake. It is a vigorous and cold-resistant olive tree; a plant that suffers a lot from the lack of water whose olives tend to fall even if not completely ripe. For this reason this variety is harvested early and the quality of the oil is usually exceptional. Dolce Agogia Extra Virgin olive oil has a beautiful yellow tending to green color; it is a light fruity to use on delicate dishes such as boiled fish or dairy products. Organic!
Olivo Olive trees
€ 160,00
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