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Our mission is to tell what happens in the fields; to explain how rain, wind and sun are fundamental for the new plants' growth and for the crops' development.

begreentelligent aims at promoting the territory and at explaining how the differences of the location and the soil will be reflected in the final product. Becoming a digital farmer and taking care of a tree from home also means helping farmers to maintain their land and protect biodiversity. Planting a tree means reducing CO2 emissions.

Your purchases will help us plant trees!

We look for informed digital farmers, who want to closely follow the territory by contributing, actively and in a sustainable and green way, to the production of goods that will end up on their table. We look for consumers who feel a growing desire to take care of themselves and of others. Protect the environment, eat and drink good products. Protect the nature by generating sustainable food and drink.

We promote green living in an intelligent way.

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BEGREENTELLIGENT Srl ha partecipato al Programma operativo regionale (POR) del Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale (Fesr) 2014-2020 con il progetto BEGREENTELLIGENT EXPERIENCE co-finanziato dal Microcredito e dal Bando "Sostegno alla creazione di start-up innovative"