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Wine tasting - Petricci e del Pianta farm (TUuscany)

Wine tasting - Petricci e del Pianta farm (TUuscany)
€ 20,00

History and passion for a fantastic family aperitif.

Languages: Italian and English

Where: Suvereto, Tuscany

When: a date of your choice in the period from June 15th to August 14th

The host, Daniele, will welcome you with a smile, opening the doors of his land where every day he looks after olive trees and vineyards. He will walk with you among the rows to tell you where and how his grapes grow. This is a family farm that passionately passes on secrets of wine production. You will taste Vermentino, a Sangiovese grown close to the sea and other wines. From the hill overlooking the countryside near the village of Suvereto, you will be taken to a welcoming and typically Tuscan place where they will tell you the story of the wine glasses you’ll taste.

It is forbidden to feed the chickens!

Reservations are kindly requested at least 15 days in advance from the date chosen, by writing to or calling +39 3317544407

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