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Tasting in the Umbrian countryside - Casali del Toppello farm (Umbria)

Tasting in the Umbrian countryside - Casali del Toppello farm (Umbria)
€ 30,00

Good wines to sip after a nice walk in the countryside

Languages: English and Italian

Where: Corciano, in province of Perugia - Umbria

When: from May to September - every day except Sunday


We are in the heart of Umbria, surrounded by greenery. A nice walk along meadows and vineyards. After that, a stop for a pleasant tasting of 6 types of Casali del Toppello wines. Alessandro will guide you through different bouquets and vintages to learn the secrets of this terroir. Along with the wine, a delicious chopping board of typical products will be served, including a nice bruschetta with one of the company's extra virgin olive oils.


Reservations are kindly requested at least 10 days in advance by writing to or calling +39 3317544407

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