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Farm to table in Maremma - Guadalupe farm (Tuscany)

Farm to table in Maremma - Guadalupe farm (Tuscany)
€ 43,00

From farm to table for a genuine launch or dinner

Where: Braccagni, in province of Grosseto - Tuscany

When: from March to September

A complete tasting in Gallinaccio bistro, in the splendid setting of Maremma of the Guadalupe Tuscany Resort. We are in the middle of the nature, with cypresses that follow the profile of the roads, green meadows are the masters and olive groves make their branches dancing in the wind. A large vegetable garden offers most of the raw materials used in the kitchen.

Tasting menu includes:

  • Homemade breads with organic Tuscan extra virgin olive oil
  • Tomato cake with Evo oil
  • Buttons with oil, bbq vegetable cream and burrata


  • Seared tuna belly, chickpea salad, olive powder, soft mayonnaise

Finally, the dessert

  • EVO peaches and ricotta cake

Glass of local wine, water and coffee included

Reservations are kindly requested at least 10 days in advance by writing to or calling +39 3317544407


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