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Vigne Testarde

Barberino Val d'Elsa - Tuscany

A captivating name that for an immediate smile. Tuscan honesty to tell the project of a globetrotter who grew up tasting and appreciating wines from all over the world. Bernardo Giannozzi is the one who discovered stubborn vineyards in quite a few countryes of the world. Stubborn for the soil, for their stubbornness to give excellent wines thanks to the terroir, the climate and the complexities that manifest themselves according to the chosen grape variety.

The goal is to obtain wines with a nice drinkability and at the same time capable of telling a territory. There are no compromises, the vines are stubborn! They have to give excellent wines but with their sincere ideas, like the one who conceived them.

Vigne Testarde begins with a pure wine, a Canaiolo pampered on the hills near Florence, more precisely in Marcialla, a small town from which you can admire vineyards and olive groves. Canaiolo Vigne Testarde is a red with a enjoyable label in which a mule almost seems to kick out of the white background of the paper.

The grapes are harvested by hand in a vineyard planted in the 1970s. The wine is aged in large barrels that  helps oxygenation, for 14 months
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