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Tenuta Trerose

Montepulciano - Tuscany

Tenuta Trerose is located in Montepulciano, a place where wine flows inside the local people. It has been part of local culture for centuries, with strength, beauty and perfume. A winery spreaded over five beautiful hills on the border between Tuscany and Umbria.

The phrase you will find on the Trerose website, to describe this location of high historical value, is splendid: "It is here where clays and sands meet, where the cypress pairs with the maritime pine ... that Sangiovese gives a noble, unique expression of itself" . Words that allow us to understand the preciousness of the terroir, together with a dream landscape.

In this area, the continental and cold climate of the hinterland is mitigated by the influence of Trasimeno Lake , so as to have a soft climate and pamper the vineyards. Rows are arranged in an amphitheater, tracing the course of the hills. The vineyard thus enjoys a rich series of exposures and soils ranging from clays to sands to silt,  giving different notes and nuances to the selection of grapes.

They grow mainly Sangiovese which is selected to create unique wines able to represent this splendid territory. A noble wine that is expressed in different types.
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