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Tenuta La Macchia

Montescudaio - Tuscany

An estate overlooking the sea. La Macchia is the smallest winery on the Tuscan coast. It is a fairly recent project, started at the end of 2012 by two young people with former experience in the wine’s world. Letizia, with a degree in Environmental Sciences, and Christian, the company’s enologist, bet on this small vineyard surrounded by Mediterranean scrub; they passionately look after this vineyard from which they produce  traditional and modern wines, whose scent and flavour tell the story of a territory and, at the same time, satisfy the demand of sophisticated consumers.

This pure passion is represented by 4 labels of organic wines, where even  graphics and design have a great importance. Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot, Petit Verdot and Sauvignon Blanc, give rise to surprising wines in the small village of Montescudaio.

The choice of being the smallest winery of the Tuscan coast hides a great project.

La Macchia wines have a particular and unique identity. This is what Letizia and Christian pursue, they love welcoming customers to their estate, they tell them the story of how a wine is born… a unique way to create enthusiastic guests.
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