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Tenuta di San Donato

Calenzano - Tuscany

Tenuta di San Donato dates back to 1500 and is located on a hill near Florence. An historic estate with a splendid view over olive groves and vineyards. In the past Tenuta di San Donato  was a small village where different trades were practiced. Today it is managed by Maddalena together with her family, who inherited it from her aunt, Marchesa Pancrazi.

The estate preserves its rural authenticity, focusing on  cultivation of vines and olives. It is wonderful to admire the oil mill and the cellar, two pearls full of history and the passion that Maddalena and Alessandro are able to transfer there every day, dedicating time and energy.

Olives are harvested and pressed aiming to get high quality standard. The this practice bring to obtain exceptional extra virgi olive oils.

The cellar is historic, fragrant and absolutely fascinating. For the production of wine, the desire was to exploit the vineyards located above 400m, on the slopes of Calvana Mount, on Florentine hills. Soils with limestone from Alberese and rich in skeleton. Here you can find international vines along with native qualities.

The estate includes beautiful woods where biodiversity is absolutely protected. An estate where the attention to the environment and nature guide daily activities and business strategies.
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