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Podere San Cristoforo

Gavorrano - Tuscany

The farm is located in the splendid Maremma Toscana and it enjoys a nice breeze coming from the sea. And it is thanks to this breeze which mitigates the summer temperatures that it is possible to reach a complete ripening of the grapes, which gives a great aromatic intensity to the wines.

The soil is characterized by sediments of aeolian origin, of medium texture, coming from the spalling of the Metalliferous hills; it is a rich gravel and clay soil.

The lands in the farm area are cultivated with cereals, sunflowers, olives trees and 15 hectares of vineyards with different varieties: Sangiovese, Petit Verdot, Syrah, Vermentino and Trebbiano.

Podere San Cristoforo works in harmony with nature; bio-dynamics  guides the processes for a healthy and balanced vineyard.

The secret to produce these excellent wines, characterized by a strong character, is low yields and a lot of manual work .

This is the philosophy of Lorenzo Zonin, a young man who’s grown up in the world of wine and who loves experiencing the country and the vineyard in a natural way; he is a creative man who treasured his experience and his team looks like a real family
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