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Podere Messina

Calatafimi-Segesta - Sicily

A farm that was born from the passion of her grandparents and now lives on the great energy of Roberta, a young agronomist who decided to dedicate her life to the old family winery: a beautiful place near Trapani, in the lands of the Zingaro reserve.

No pesticides are used, and the vineyards are worked organically with the aim of squeezing healthy grapes that speak about the Sicilian territory.

Podere Messina was founded in 1953 thanks to Maestro Vito and Donna Ida. Vito was a teacher, who had some land and the passion for the countryside. In the beginning, he made wines that he sent to France for blending.

His daughter Claudia took over the winery management later on, but she had another job as well and preferred to confer the grapes to a social winery.

Today Podere Messina finally produces its wines with an image in line with the project that Roberta is pursuing with great determination. Labels with chalice-shaped columns which remind an ancient temple, and labels which complete the temple itself, once joined together.

First 3,000 bottles of Podere Messina were produced in 2017. Nero D'Avola, Zibibbo and Catarratto, the latter now also known as 'Lucido'.

These vines, planted in calcareous soil, are protected by a mountain that shelters them from the Scirocco winds coming from Africa. The grapes have the perfect climate to grow strong and beautiful.

Vineyards on Sicilian soil where you can enjoy a wine tasting at sunset to enjoy the characteristics of the produced wines at their best.
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