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Podere di Nebbiano

Montespertoli - Tuscany

A farm located in one of the most beautiful areas of Italy, on the gentle hills between Siena and Florence.

Podere di Nebbiano agricolture  is perfectly integrated, demonstrating years of strong love for the land. As they say: “it is the land to have chosen Fabrizio Ferretti”.

He takes care of the company; a man in love with his job. He had worked in the countryside since he was a child, with his family. He began with the harvest, secretly tasting a few grapes; little by little he learned all the secrets of the trade, that he expanded with studies and with focus on research and technology. When he was a child he played with mini wooden tractors and nowdays with the excuse that are necessary, he collects many agricultural machines. Actually he own thirteen toys including tractors, grape harvesters and combine harvesters. His main regret is to be able to use his combine harvester only once a year for his tall, blond wheat crop!

The history of Podere Nebbiano begins at the end of the 1950s, when the grandfather moved to o a small farm in Tuscany from Marche region. With a loto of sacrifices and determination, he expanded gradually, so as to be able to give work to the whole family.

Today we are in a large farm that takes care of the vineyards, cultivates the wheat fields and aims to promote its work together with other nearby farms. Thanks to  the mutual collaboration, this people managed to grow together by founding an association able,  in recent years, to help them to face many difficulties, and to continue to work at their best. Proceva is precisely this: a group of men and families who work "from seed to table" focusing on the quality of the cereals they produce.

As far as wine is concerned, they collaborate with the social winery Valvirginio. They feed it with excellent grapes and receive back both economic opportunities and methods to produce together award-winning and appreciated wines all over the world.
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