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Suvereto - Tuscany

Pietrasca farm can be seen from a distance, along the plain just below the village of Suvereto. It is a beautiful stone house surrounded by the Tuscan countryside.

The farm was born 10 years ago thanks to Antonio and his beautiful family. He grew up in the country and already knew many of its secrets but he continued studying end exploring new sectors, creating a real farm that ranges from oil, to wheat, to fruit.

Pietrasca is an organic farm and acts in total respect of nature, animals and man and they produce healthy, digestible and extremely tasty food.

Pietrasca boasts award-winning oils, capable to express unique scents. Frantoio, Maurino and Leccio del Corno are in purity and offered in small bottles whose name is inspired by the name of the daughter Tosca. You can either find  large tin formats made with different types of olives combined in a Tuscan blend of extra-virgin olive oil.

The olive grove is made by  4,500 plants, flanked by 10ha of arable land where you can see Senatore Cappelli, Turanico and Gentil Rosso; fragrant and rigorously stone-ground grains, which give life to different shapes of good, tasty and digestible pasta, rich of mineral salts. It is a return to nature and tradition with crops obtained without the use of glyphosates
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