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Petricci e Del Pianta

Suvereto - Tuscany

It is farm full of passion.

This is what you breathe while walking through the vineyards, when you see chickens roaming among the olive trees and when you talk to the family who strongly wanted this farm;  they created it and work on it every day with new projects and a strong dedication. Petricci e del Pianta means tradition of a family and the energy of their children, farmers and entrepreneurs with a great love for the country.

We are in Tuscany near Suvereto, one of the most beautiful villages in Italy.

This is one of the areas dedicated to the creation of great wines. In this area Pietro and Marilena, in the mid ’80s, decided to invest their savings and  time in the production of Extra virgin olive oil and wine. Once they had abandoned the breeding of cows and pigs business, they started to study how to make wine. Today, together with their sons Fabio and Daniele, and his wife Simona, they can be proud to own a small estate where they work with love. They produce 8 wine labels: Vermentino, Sangiovese, Cabernet Sauvignon but also some peculiar wines like Ansonica and Aleatico.
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