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Marina Colonna

San Martino in Pensilis - Molise

We are in the heart of lower Molise, a very fertile land where, even today, there are only few buildings and a lot of agriculture, much that you can stop to admire beautiful expanses of fields as far as the eye can see.

Marina Colonna has been managing since the 90s, and with great respect for nature, these 160 hectares farm. No chemical fertilizers are used and the fertilizer for the plants is obtained with the compost generated on the farm.

There are 55 hectares of olive groves and around, beautiful fields where wheat alternates with legumes. The farm it's two hundred years old and has come to Colonna family more than two centuries ago. These feudal lands are green with a very favourable climate. This is one of the secrets of the quality of the company's extra virgin olive oils. The great family experience is very precious and allows to grow up to sixteen varieties of olives: Peranzana, Frantoio, Leccino,  Gentile di Larino, Coratina, Ascolana Tenera, Rosciola, Maiatica, Nocellara del Belice, Itrana, Kalamata, Termite di Bitetto, la Favolosa, …

In this place you can enjoy guided tastings, lunches in the middle of the nature and relaxing stays to rediscover your own dimension amidst the greenery. We are in a historic farmhouse that has been renovated maintaining the atmosphere of the past.

The farm is organic, while the agricultural company has strongly reduced the use of pesticides thanks to specific agricultural practices.
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