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Rapagnano - Marche

A winery that has organic at the base of its philosophy. Great respect for nature, soil and plants, to obtain, from 2020, the organic certification for all wines.

Healthy and controlled grapes are grown in a sustainable way giving rise to whites, reds and rosés typical of an area still rich in nature where you can live a human dimension, respecting everything around you. A natural organic fertilization is used together with a careful study of the soil and climate changes, taking advantage of the experience of the winemakers. In 2002, Mr. Giancarlo Testa, inspired by the desire to bring back the lifestyle and values ​​of his grandparents' times, bought a farm to create Lumavite.

Only indigenous not selected "yeasts" are used to create bottles that express the philosophy of a long work, "good wine is made in the vineyard and not in the cellar".

Lumavite is a winery with a wonderful view, where the vineyards are lost on the horizon. We are in Rapagnano, a small town in the Marche region where you can certainly enjoy a relaxing day by taking advantage of a good tasting inside the company
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BEGREENTELLIGENT Srl ha partecipato al Programma operativo regionale (POR) del Fondo europeo di sviluppo regionale (Fesr) 2014-2020 con il progetto BEGREENTELLIGENT EXPERIENCE co-finanziato dal Microcredito e dal Bando "Sostegno alla creazione di start-up innovative"
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