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La Cura

Massa Marittima - Tuscany

Back in 1968,  Andrea Corsi decided to buy a land in the heart of Maremma, in a small village called Cura Nuova. It’s in the countryside and the production of fruit and vegetables is accompanied by animal husbandry.

In year 2000, his son Enrico decided to focus the company on wine production, his big passion. He started taking care personally of the vineyard and released the first bottle in 2002.

He had the desire to do a good job as well as the one to prove something. Therefore Enrico decided to start with wines in purity,  the most difficult ones, releasing a Sangiovese, a Merlot and a Cabernet.

Today La Cura has various labels made with different grapes, in purity and blend. The best known and most loved one is certainly the Merlot La Cura.

Joining the DOC Maremma Toscana, the company produces its own red wines. Also the white wines, which due to the location of the land overlooking the sea are surely very popular, are definitely worth trying.
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