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Frantoio Cassini

Isolabona - Liguria

Frantoio Cassini has a long history to tell.

Located in Liguria, a lucky region due its proximity to the mountains and the sea, which climate affects the delicate taste of its extra virgin olive oils.

Today is Paolo Cassini who runs the family business but, as he says: "My father is always by my side, I know that's like that".

He totally shared with his father his work and passion for the olive oil production. Everything began thanks to his grandfather Jean, at that times olive trees were used only for living. The Trade was developed many years later.

Jean was known becasuse he cultivated olive trees but was also well known as an olives buyer. In fact, he used to purchase olives from neighboring farmers for a large producer in Imperia. We were in the 1950s and this work allowed him to save money and to buy an oil mill in 1962, when his son Giannino was already working with him. At that times people used to work for third parties and Extra Virgin Olive Oil where not sold yet in bottle.

Years of very intense work went thorugh.  Paolo was born and when he was fourteen, he began to work with a big passion in the family oil mill. The beginning was not one of the best; the frost of 1985 put the Cassini family in difficulty and the oil mill was closed waiting for better times.

After the military service, Paolo decided to fix all the machines of the mill and restarted the business working day and night for old and new customers. The work was a lot and, in order to progress, he decided to modernize the crushing plant. In 1993 it was working with a very modern and very efficient plant.

Once the production was fine-tuned, Paolo and his father dedicated themselves to start recovering old and abandoned olive trees. The love for this work and for their land rewarded them, so that, even today they have splendid centuries-old olive trees.

2000 was the year of the turning point in terms of product quality thanks, among other things,  to a careful research to obtain great EVO oils from the Taggiasca cultivar.

This was a great satisfaction; a culmination of the love for their land, for the work of the oil mill and for the ancestors who started it.
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