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Fattorie Giannozzi

Barberino Val d'Elsa - Tuscany

They have been passionate winemakers for eleven generations. We have here an heritage of knowledge handed down in the family, where agriculture has always had an important value, not only for the production of wine and extra virgin olive oil but as well as an exchange between cultures and generations. The result is a social integration whose predominant values ‚Äčare those ‚Äčrelated to the respect for man and nature.

This farm uses sustainable practices with minimal environmental impact in order to protect the vineyards and biodiversity.

The Vocation is handed down through teaching, you cannot find  it for sale. This is the dowry that allows  Fattorie Giannozzi to make quality wines, working in agriculture with good sense and in a circular way, keeping consumption and waste low and through agronomic choices aimed at preserving the environment.

Tradition as well as knowledge and  attention to new techniques allow them to range from native vines to other ones which have perfectly settled on this beautiful hill.
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