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Fattoria Sommiano

Cerreto Guidi - Tuscany

This farm was born thanks to grandfather Mario, “big shoes and fine brains”, as he used to say himself. After the Second World War he went to work in the tanneries of Santa Croce sull'Arno to sustain his family and build a future for his children. In his heart he still had a dream: a farm.

With perseverance and sacrifices, in the 1970s, he managed to buy a property in Cerreto Guidi. This is where the Sommiano Farm is located today, led by Simone, who inherited his love for the countryside, wine and oil from his grandfather.

The hills stretch out towards Vinci, an area very beautiful in terms of landscape that was the birthplace of the great Leonardo.

The soils are calcareous, clayey, with a strong presence of shells. Lands in which the vineyards, protected by the Apennines, give their best.

Optimal climatic conditions, together with the search for innovative methods and eco-sustainable cultivation techniques, guarantee the production of wines htath are rich in aromas and capable of maintaining freshness and minerality during aging.

Merlot and Sangiovese are the most popular.

 Simone is waiting for you to tell you about many other curiosities.
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