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Fattoria Ramerino

Bagno a Ripoli - Tuscany

An Organic Farm in Tuscany overlooking Florence from its hills; we are in Bagno a Ripoli.

All this was possible thanks to Filippo and his resourcefulness. A man who, when was as a boy, learned about agricultural world and then, wanted to give his mark to award-winning oils, whose plants he has been cultivating and controlling with passion for years.

In 2003 he worked to convert the farm to organic, so as to offer greater safety to increasingly demanding consumers. Its oils are beautiful, good and healthy!

The olive groves are mixed so each plant is marked with a colored tag, so as to collect the olives at the best time for their ripeness, passing several times in the field. Certainly a complex work, but aimed at distinguishing scents and tastes of the different types. Poka Yoke would say a Japanese man, guided operations to never make mistakes. These processes, with olives pressed quickly, lead to exceptional cultivars to be proud of
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