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Colline del Vento

Villasimius - Sardegna

A very explanatory name that doesn't lie. We are in Sardinia, more precisely in Villasimius, a well-known area thanks to its beautiful sea. Nonetheless there are also gentle hills and the famous mistral which blows very frequently in this area. It is thanks to the wind that the grapes can grow and ripen without suffering the warmest periods.

Colline del Vento is located on a wonderful territory. We quote with pleasure a phrase that tells it perfectly: “There are places so beautiful that words are not enough to describe them. White sands kissed by a sea as blue as the sky, hills where the wind brings salt and the scents of a unique land: Villasimius "

These lands welcomed the vine in the Nuragic past. The link within the vineyards and the land is very strong on the island. In the beginning vines were wild and then domesticated by man. Today, on a land mainly of granite origin, wines with unique aromas are produced by Mario and his son who love this land and even more, to tell it to the enthusiasts walking in the vineyard with them. The company studies the terroir together with climate changes, in order to be able to grow and protect the grapes without using fertilizers.

The Colline del Vento winery produces a Vermentino "éntu" and a Cannonau "brennas"; two products with a nice alcohol content and good longevity, niche products capable of enhancing their territory
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