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Colle Vento

Suvereto - Tuscany

Colle Vento is the dream of a family who wanted to live in the countryside and learn to take care of it.

Enrico, Sibilla, David and Luca a few years ago bought a piece of land on the hills of Suvereto, where they started to build their dream.

Everything started because of a family friend  who was already a wine producer in the Bolgheri area: he transferred this big passion to them. 

Today Colle Vento speaks the language of Sangiovese but soon a very special white wine is going to become part of the family. The family company could not miss the chance to produce their own Extra virgin olive oil and host many small bees of course. All these elements contribute to the success of the whole farm. Bees are today the pride of the farm and at the same time their role is crucial for the life of the farm itself.

Going to Colle Vento means fully enjoying nature, the landscape and the plants. It is also possible to stay for one or more nights at the Tuscan-style farmhouse owned by the family.
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