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Cataldi Madonna

Ofena - Abruzzo

A winery that produces conceptual wines. Behind these important terms lies the philosophy of Giulia Cataldi Madonna, the woman who leads this reality with passion and determination, following a specific path to create avant-garde wines.

We are now in the fourth generation, a family business that has had men at its helm, who loved the countryside but had a totally different profession: a surveyor, an architect, a philosophy professor. Now, a woman who studied agriculture and specialised in oenology. Since 2019, she has been cultivating 30 hectares of indigenous vineyards; a choice to remain linked to Abruzzo. We are in a valley called the 'Oven of Abruzzo'. It is a very special oven because it lies under the Calderone, the only glacier still existing in the Apennines and the southernmost in our hemisphere: in short, an oven with a refrigerator. All this can be found in the wines characterised by great freshness and minerality, wines with distinctive aromas and beautiful acidity.

Each wine has a specific project, hence the conceptual definition. 'A wine does not make itself, it is a bit like the making of a painting, where you put one brushstroke next to another', this is what Giulia tells us. With her dynamism she always experimenting new things. The world and the climate change, and with them, the wines. Great drinkability is favoured and this is why the ageing in wood has been removed.

All wines are vinified in purity and in reduction, with absence of oxygen. They are made from grapes that have been certified organic since 2016.
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