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Ca 'd Tantin

Calosso - Piemonte

An organic winery since 2001. Pioneers in having believed in a path that has led this winery to work without the use of chemical pesticides, taking care of the vineyard first, so as to have perfect, healthy grapes.

Ca 'd Tantin is a Piedmont family business and takes its name from its great-grandfather, meaning 'Constantine's house' in dialect. We are talking about a family that has been producing wine for generations and has lived in this valley since the 19th century. Nowadays on these lands, proclaimed a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2014, They work 4 hectares of vineyards all facing south-west, a characteristic that allows them to harvest all the grapes at the same time thanks to uniform ripening times. Today it is the turn of the two brothers Marco and Andrea who, while enjoying this particular microclimate, over the years have always tried to make an increasingly good and healthy wine without the use of chemicals, neither in the vineyard nor in the cellar, with a very low sulphite content. A wine that they are proud to drink and to describe to the many people who book a guided tour at their winery. Wine makes one happy, makes one feel good, and Marco and Andrea are happy to be able to make people happy simply by squeezing a grape juice. Every year they produce small quantities, hand-numbered since 2015.

Among the various native grape varieties, Barbera and Gamba di Pernice, an indigenous grape variety of Calosso, stand out. Among the winery's unique, artisanal products you can find the historical Vermouth Torinese

Ca 'd Tantin also offers the possibility of booking some exclusive tastings to offer you a unique experience to be shared only with those you wish, surrounded by vineyards, sipping a glass or walking, totally immersed in nature.
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