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Azienda Agricola Licia Guccione

Mazzarino - Sicily

A woman running a beautiful Sicilian reality born in 1860. We are in Mazzarino area, in Caltanisetta province: a magical place in a very beautiful landscape. Having been a Manor there are still properties as far as the eye can see; the countryside and Monte Formaggio dominate undisputed. A place to reconnect with nature.

Licia Guccione took over the family farm in 2000, Now she is very proud about both organic agricultural side, in which there are mainly large olive groves and almond trees, and 19th century farmhouse, where she welcomes guests year after year.

Licia told us that the Sicily region excels on the Italian scene as far as the number of organic farms is concerned. This is certainly due to an agricultural choice but also to the excellent microclimate which plays a key role by allowing to obtain excellent fruits with natural methods.

Nocellara Etnea, Nocellara Messinese and Nocellara del Belice are the cultivars present in the large olive groves. Thanks to the mix of these cultivars, Licia obtains an excellent extra virgin olive oil characterized by very low acidity.

Very little time passes between harvesting and milling; olives do not touch the ground at all and this, in addition to the climate and the soil, is the secret of the produced Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

For this company, olive tree also means making products for well-being and infusions. The beneficial properties of a plant used as food and for personal caring.

This farm has been maintaining its rural heritage through 5 generations of farmers on a wonderful island in a beautiful Country as Italy is.
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