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Azienda Agricola Forcella

Pescara - Abruzzo

Forcella farm has existed for almost a century. It is in Abruzzo, in a beautiful region where the countryside is still predominant. In 1924 Forcella family used to cultivate  fields and to care olives trees with great expertise. The women, together with childrens, used to climbe wooden stairs to collect the olives. Images from the past time which tells us how people lived, the joy of working outdoor and the satisfaction that we still find today in the Forcella extra virgin olive oils.

In the 1960s, Giacinto Iannetti, son-in-law of  the Forcella family, began to take care of the olive grove by bringing the experience from the past and gradually, enriching it by new knowledge, research and technology.

Nowday the company is managed by Giovanni and Paolo Iannetti and  it's been a very long way by looking at the beginning in 1924

There are various types of olive trees: Leccino and Dritta, Intosso, Leccio del Corno and Frantoio. Plants are based on beautiful hills overlooking Adriatic Sea and continue up to some reliefs close to Gran Sasso. A wonderful land where olives and even wheat have always been cultivated.

Forcella farm produces various types of oil, "a gentle force"  which goes from blends to cultivars. A number of extra virgin olive oils in which to discover different scents.

In addition to this,  some fields are cultivated with ancient grains, Senatore Cappelli and San Carlo. Two types of grain that give life to a raw pasta made with durum wheat, wrinkled and tasty at the same time and able to maintains a natural color. It holds sauces perfectly but also has its own flavor. This pasta comes from flours made with stone mill, a traditional process and a slow drying at low temperatures
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